Book Projects

The Following, Novel Excerpt, Graywolf Press, Best Novel Excerpt from an Emerging Writer (Web; 2013)

Restless City: a serial novel, Stephens Press/CityLife Books (Los Angeles; 2009)

Fiction Publications

"Paradise, NV," Cosmonaut's Avenue, Fall 2017

"The Doors," River Styx, July 2016

"Out of Order," Cosmonaut's Avenue, May 2015

"Koreatown," Joyland, January 2014

"Pussy Willow Seeds," Versal, Issue 11, 2013

"Born Again," The Collagist, Issue 41, November 2012

"Spiritus Mundi," subTerrain, Vol. 7 Issue 62, November 2012

"Slots-Of-Fun," Hobart, December 2010

"The Lingerie Triptych," Diagram, Issue 10.2, Summer 2010

"Stampede Queen," PANK Magazine, Issue 5.04, April 2010

"Leonard The War Is Waged," Forget Magazine, Vol. 4 Issue 3, 2007

"What Part of Her Fell Quiet," Room, Volume 28.1, 2006

"And One Man," subTerrain, Vol. 4 Issue 22, June 2003

"Away With Us," Prism International, Spring 2003

Nonfiction Publications

"Bamako, Believe Me," Truth About the Fact, Spring 2011

"When Change is For Real," Parlour Magazine, Vol. 5 Issue 3, 2011

"Countdown to Freetown," Parlour Life, Vol. 3 Issue 1, 2010

"Long Views Across Nothing," Prism International, Winter 2009